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Rusty Oak Bistro

About Us

The Rusty Oak Bistro has a rich history and in the year 2020 we began writing a new story. Our director, Rob, a former farmer and professional hunter from the Eastern Cape, saw a demand for a place in Durbanville with good food and drinks at an affordable price with sufficient space between tables and jumped at the opportunity presented to him as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our young and adventurous team along with their individual personalities have added to the character of the Rusty Oak Bistro.

It all began with our director Rob purchasing an old rusted Ford 1942 pick up body and with a unwavering vision to create the new look and feel for the restaurant,.

Very soon after that decision, Head Chef Dawid was welding two empty shipping containers together to form his kitchen under the stars. All this, while manager Petrus was sawing through wine barrels to build his restaurant furniture. Everywhere you look in the Rusty Oak it has a story to tell. Handcrafted and build for the purpose of and enjoyable dining experience under the open skies.